Fire and Security

At Rosewood Electrical we know how important it is to feel secure in your own home. We install a large range of security and fire products.

  • Alarm systems.We can put a package together to suit your needs. We can put neat keypads around your home where ever you may need one eg. Front door, back door, landing or next to your bed. There are also a different range of sensors we can use eg. Window vibration switch (this will pick up any vibrations on the window and set the alarm off), Passive Infrared Detector (this will pick up any movement inside your house), pressure pads (this can be placed under your carpet and will set the alarm of when someone walks on it) and many more. We can put an external sounder on the front, back and sides of your house. We can also make the alarm ring up to 10 telephone numbers in the event of an attack.
  • Domestic Fire Alarm Sytems.We can install heat or smoke detectors onto the above system. This incorporates the same principles as above i.e ring telephone numbers in the event of a fire. We are also Installers of Mains powered smoke alarms with battery back up.
  • CCTV sytems. We can install cameras around your home that you can view on your TV and record the image on a video player or alternative device. We also install covert cameras.
  • Security Lighting.We can install flood lighting that will come on when an intruder walks into a given area. If it is just general night lighting you need to luminate an area we can make the lights come on automatically when it becomes dark. We also install light/camera combo's that light up and record an image or images (either to a video player or onto an SD card which can be reomved and loaded onto your PC) when an intruder walks into the area.
  • Industrial and Commercial Fire Alarms. We can provide the full service from design and installation to commissioning and servicing. Whatever your business we can design the system around you.

If what you are looking for is not here please dont hestitate to contact us. Just click on the contact tab for details. Thankyou